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Our team works hard to bring you unique and fun ideas for Halloween – costumes, decorations, party ideas, music, and more – every day!

Let us introduce ourselves.

Joan is a happy grandma with a family full of birthdays and anniversaries in October.  Like most grandmas, she enjoys little children in costume, happy witches, funny ghosts, and beautiful fall leaves.

Brenda is most definitely NOT into singing at Halloween, at least not in public and she is sure that when she does sing at home her teenager boys are wishing she were not!  She does love everything else about Halloween including costumes, decorating and Halloween movies and especially loves it when she can find Halloween items to sell in her eBay store.

Susan loves homemade Halloween costumes, pumpkin jack-o-lantern cookies, and fun Halloween party decorations.  She loves treats but enjoys a harmless Halloween trick from time to time, too. She believes a happy Halloween is only possible for those around her if she confines her singing to the shower.

Dianne loves the fall with its beautiful warm colors, brisk temperatures, and bright blue skies. Fall is the time for cute Halloween tee shirts and reusable Halloween treat bags filled to the brim with goodies. There is always lots of singing here, mostly by the man of the house who sings loud and well. ‘Nuff said.

Robin loves Halloween and truly wishes she could leave her spooky decorations up all year long. As a compromise, she decorated her bedroom with a Medieval Gothic theme and spends her evenings there exploring the horror genre through books and movies.  By order of law, she has been forbidden to sing in two states.

Carma can't really think of any Halloween songs to sing, other than Monster Mash, which is always a fun one, and Thriller, to which she never learned the words. She enjoys designing homemade costumes with her four kids but wearing a "this IS my costume" t-shirt herself. She like t-shirts so much she has a blog full of t-shirt of the day awards, and she even makes her own t-shirts as well.

Disclaimer: We may receive a small commission on sales made through clicks to products offered for sale on this blog. Product reviews contained herein are unsolicited and no compensation has been offered or given by the owners or manufacturers of any items for reviews, positive or otherwise, unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Hi Guys!

    I am a true Halloween fanatic as well! I love your blog and will add it to my 'Follow List'.

    All the best with your spooky findings!

    author/illustrator of Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party


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The product reviews contained herein are unsolicited and no compensation has been offered or given by the owners or manufacturers of any items for reviews, positive or otherwise. A small commission may be paid for sales made through clicks to the products on this page.

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