October 25, 2015

Donald Trump Trumpkin T-Shirt for Halloween (2017)

Donald Trump Halloween Pumpkin T-Shirt

Trump or Treat! Get ready for next Halloween now. We just had to share this hilarious Donald Trump Trumpkin pumpkin t-shirt. The text reads, "Let's Make Halloween Great Again!"

Whether you're a Trump fan or not, you have to admit this is one funny t-shirt. The hair's there, the expression is straight off the campaign trail, and everyone who hasn't been living under a rockwill recognize Mr. Trumpkin, errr Mr. Trump as a pumpkin.

Make Halloween great again! Wear this Trumpkin t-shirt for Halloween. Available for men, women and children.



  1. Susan, I know we're from different ends of the political spectrum, but as someone who has always considered Trump to be a complete pumpkin head I found this absolutely hilarious! ;)

    1. Margaret, this design falls all over the political spectrum, seems to me! :D Glad you like it.


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