October 25, 2015

Donald Trump Trumpkin T-Shirt for Halloween (2017)

Donald Trump Halloween Pumpkin T-Shirt

Trump or Treat! Get ready for next Halloween now. We just had to share this hilarious Donald Trump Trumpkin pumpkin t-shirt. The text reads, "Let's Make Halloween Great Again!"

Whether you're a Trump fan or not, you have to admit this is one funny t-shirt. The hair's there, the expression is straight off the campaign trail, and everyone who hasn't been living under a rockwill recognize Mr. Trumpkin, errr Mr. Trump as a pumpkin.

Make Halloween great again! Wear this Trumpkin t-shirt for Halloween. Available for men, women and children.


October 19, 2015

Celebrate Halloween with The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch
The Switch Witch is an interesting concept. If you feel that your children have too much candy after Halloween trick or treating, why not employ a Switch Witch?

For the uninitiated, the Switch Witch is a good witch who visits homes with children on Halloween and trades candy for gifts…a bit like the tooth fairy.

At bedtime, your children leave a predetermined amount of their candy with the Switch Witch and in the morning ** poof ** that candy has turned into a special gift.

Mother Barbara on SheKnows.com says, "This is an especially good solution for kids with allergies, medical or dietary requirements that may be restricted from having candy, chocolate, nuts, food dyes, etc." However, Parents.com elaborates that "it isn't about taking the fun out of Halloween but rather that it's about helping kids to understand that fun doesn't have to mean food." Indeed, a lesson for all of us.

Included in each set is a Switch Witch doll, cauldron and book.

Celebrate Halloween with The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch Book

The Switch Witch Book

Here’s how it works:

Watch for the Switch Witch on the October 23, 2015, episode of ABC's Shark Tank.

My children are grown but I love the idea of a book to share with your wee ones and of the log to record each year's costume and Switch gifts. I would be sure to add a photo of your child in costume, too. What a great Halloween memory book you would be creating. Using a Switch Witch is sure to become a family tradition just like the Elf on the Shelf is for many families. My children would have loved the idea especially if the candy magically became a Lego set, a coveted book, a trip to the movies, which is, I believe, the secret to using this idea successfully. Make sure the exchange is fun and will make your children's eyes light up.

Be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about this Halloween idea.

Happy Halloween!

Quick Links:

Buy your Switch Witch on Amazon.
Find free Switch Witch coloring sheets on the official website.

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