September 12, 2015

Five More Zombie Coffee Mugs

Share Your Love of Zombies With A Zombie Mug...

Zombie fans beware. I have uncovered a small but horror-iffic selection of Zombie coffee mugs. I've gathered them together and displayed them on this page and on other pages within this blog. Let me warn you that while I have included a few cute Zombie mugs I have also included a few not-so-cute Zombie mugs, given the true nature of this brain-eating creature.

Bet you would never have guessed that there are such, ah, interesting choices to be made when you go looking for a Zombie themed mug. Here's to the zombies...

Infected Zombie Mug

Here's a perfectly horrible zombie mug for your zombie. This one declares on the outside"Infected Zombie Mug" and you get to see the real zombie revealed when he lifts up his mug for a sip of coffee or serum.

This mug (or maybe it is the contents) will bring you back from the dead.

If you mugs go missing at work, you might not want to choose this one because every one will have their eyes on it! Order your infected zombie mug from Amazon by clicking here.

Zombie Serum Coffee Mug 

Does your zombie need his zombie serum every morning? Does it bring him back to life? If so, he'll appreciate this green on the outside and black on the inside Zombie Serum coffee mug by Lorrie Veasey and Our Name is Mud. It reads, "Zombie Serum. It Brings Me Back to Life." Kind of a handsome mug, don't you think? It is no longer available on Amazon, but you might find it on eBay by clicking here.

School of Zombies Mug

Brains...I Need Brains. Where else would a smart zombie head besides school? This School of Zombies mug declares a zombies need for brains on the interior where it reads, "Brains...I Need Brains." Another handsome choice by Lorrie Veasey and Our Name is Mud. Find it on Amazon by clicking here.

His and Her Zombie Mugs

I'm not quite sure but don't you think these Talking and Waking Zombie Mugs by Lorrie Veasey and Our Name is Mud qualify as his and hers mugs? One says, "The Talking Dead, Don't Speak To Me Until I've Had my Coffee." The other, "The Waking Dead, No Brains Before Coffee." What do you think and which one are you? Find it by clicking right here.

Zombies...Eat Flesh

This humorous Zombies mug is a take on the Subway Eat Fresh advertising campaign and reads, Zombie. Eat Flesh. It is available in both 11oz and 15 oz sizes and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. You'll find it from the creator on Zazzle by clicking right here.

Have you chosen YOUR zombie mug? - I'm 'dying' to hear which zombie coffee cup is for you... 

Treasures By Brenda

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