June 13, 2015

What Is A Zombie?

What Is A Zombie?

We Have All Heard of Zombies, But What Exactly IS A Zombie?

We were driving down the road today - my husband, teenage sons and one of their girlfriends - when the Zombie Love Song came on. Listening to that song and talking about it, we were soon discussing the most unusual topic (at least for me) of WHAT IS A ZOMBIE? On this page, I will share with you what I have learned about ZOMBIES. Zombies, that is, as they are related to pop culture, books and the movies.

(Please note that this post was originally written and published on another website in 2011. My sons are grown now, we are empty nesters.)

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Night of the Living Dead The First Zombie Movie
Night of the Living Dead The First Zombie Movie

What Is a Zombie?

Well it turns out that a Zombie was originally thought to be a corpse that has been returned to life by a method such as witchcraft. However, the modern day interpretation of a Zombie is slightly different than that and is largely influenced by books, movies and pop culture.

Zombies are once-human creatures that are hungry for meat, human meat that is, and are often particularly interested in eating brains. Sometimes a cause is given for their condition but other times there is no explanation. When a cause is given, it is often tied to the end of civilization or a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies are so popular now that they can be considered their own genre of horror movie.

ZombielandThe first largely successful zombie movie was Night of the Living Dead and zombie movies continue to be released in a regular fashion. One example of a fairly recent and extremely popular moviethat has a cult-like following is Zombieland.

Wikipedia calls the word zombie a word that refers to corpses that have come back to life via a mystical manner. They go on to add that zombie can also refer to someone who is not aware of their surroundings...

WikiAnswers calls zombie a creature that is undead or that has come back to life after being dead and that appears in movies, books and games.

The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse summed it up a bit differently by saying that if it looks and acts like a zombie and it is not something else then it is a zombie...

Do you like zombies? Are you a fan at Halloween time or all year long?


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