September 8, 2013

Warm Bodies: A Zombie Love Story (2013)

A long time ago, when I first heard of Warm Bodies, I really wanted to see it but then came the local reviews, and we chose to let it pass at the movie theatre. However, this weekend my husband brought this zombie love story home to watch and we settled in and watched it.

It was a movie for zombie fans particularly aimed at young zombie fans, I think. It was entertaining and it had funny moments but I also found it slightly odd. How could a zombie love story be anything but odd? How could zombies exist in different states of dead? Not our ordinary way of thinking about zombies but then, given the subject matter, there really is no limit to the twists one could put in a movie about zombies.

It was cute though and I think Common Sense Media summed it up fairly nicely, although they may have liked it more than I did, when they said, "WARM BODIES is part Romeo and Juliet love story, part Shaun of the Dead biting comedy. It's funny, contemplative, and sweetly romantic"

The movie is rated PG-13 and there was some zombie violence and some language.

If you like zombie movies and try to catch them all, I'll recommend this one. If you aren't interested in zombie movies normally, I'd say pass.

Happy Haunting!

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