August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Woman in Black

Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words, we offer up this image for our almost Wordless Wednesday post.  Featuring Daniel Radcliffe from the movie The Woman in Black this movie is definitely a must-see this Halloween for those who want to be scared...


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  1. I was scared watching "The Woman in Black"; I was impressed with Radcliff's rendition of Arthur Kibbs. I watched The Woman in Black on a business trip for Dish; I loved the film, and I'm anxious to see the second installment. I believe most of the complaints are coming from parents whose children were scared by the film. Fantastic review Leroy; I often wonder how different my brain is from the rest of the population when parents take their children to see a horror movie just because Daniel Radcliff is starring in it. Parents should have the parenting skills, and maturity to make rational decisions for the kids. Wasn’t Deathly Hallows a bit dark for “the children”? I love movies when I’m traveling so I log onto Dish Online constantly, especially when I have long wait times at airport. Can’t wait for the next installment; I’m anxious to see what Radcliff does with Kibbs’ afterlife.

  2. I just found your note; thanks for commenting. I enjoyed the movie and didn't know there would be a sequel.


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