August 31, 2012

The Witch of Hissing Hill Vintage Children's Halloween Picture Book

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The Witch of Hissing Hill is a VINTAGE children's picture book that was written by Mary Calhoun and illustrated by Janet McCaffery.  It is a Weekly Reader Children's Book Club book that was published in 1964.

The illustrations are FABULOUS with strong colors and a witch that looks exactly as I expect a witch to look:

The story?

Far back in the hill country
is Hissing Hill. It's a bare lonely spot,
with one twisted house
and a tall fir behind it.
Once upon a time
the hill was aswarm
with black witch cats.
Cats arching their backs on the rooftop,
cats chasing up the fir tree,
cats yowling on crooked fence posts,
cats hissing in every corner
of the shackly house.
And all of them black, black, black.

For you see, meanness wasn't her business but rather raising black cats was...

Sizzle’s cats were the best witch cats possible. They could spit and scratch and slink and yowl. Witches from far and wide came to Hissing Hill to pick their very own black cat.  But what would Sizzle do when a golden cat was born? What would she do with a cat that was NICE?

Enjoy The Witch of Hissing Hill read outloud in this Youtube video but do be aware that pages were missing from the book that the young lady was reading. 

To enjoy the whole story, you will want to add The Witch of Hissing Hill to your vintage Halloween children's book collection. There are numerous copies of this book available on Amazon. You can see them all by clicking right here.

Happy Haunting!

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