October 3, 2011

Skeleton Halloween T-Shirt and Treat Bag

Long Sleeve: The Misfits - Glow in the Dark Skeleton
Buy at AllPosters.com

This skeleton t-shirt is a great choice for Halloween. For one thing it has long sleeves so if you are going out you might not have to wear a jacket over it. For another, it glows in the dark which is a big plus if you're going to be out at night or somewhere with the lights out. It is printed on the front and the back so you can be seen coming or going. The sleeves are printed with arm bones and that is an extra you don't get with most t-shirts. It's just an all around great t-shirt for Halloween fun.

From the designer of this bag: "Skull design for Halloween. Roomy grocery tote bag holds lots of candy for trick or treaters. Design is hip and this bag can be used year round."
Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve you can carry your head in your hand.

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Happy Halloween!

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