October 5, 2011

The Recordable Book Ten Little Pumpkins Is A Great Halloween Gift

Who knew? I certainly had never seen a recordable story book for HALLOWEEN until I found this one entitled Ten Little Pumpkins.

Reading and recording this story is simple and will create a Halloween-themed family heirloom.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple – you turn to the page you are ready to record, press record and listen to the directions. Just like an answering machine, you record after the sound of the beep. When you have finished the page you press stop.

Yes, you can rerecord until you are totally satisfied with your recording.

Once you are finished and happy with the result, you lock your voice in place so that it is not accidentally erased or taped over by the little one who will be listening to the story over and over again.

Whether you have a family member who lives far away, one who travels frequently or you just want to record your own voice, this will be a wonderful and well loved Halloween gift and become a family treasure.

Looking for more Halloween gifts? You might like to visit my page, devoted to the best Halloween pumpkin gifts for children.

Happy Halloween!

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