August 11, 2011

Halloween Storage For Your Jewels and Trinkets

What is not to love about these wonderful and stylish cargo boxes? They are perfect for storing your Halloween trinkets and jewels or for holding photos and mementoes and organizing jewellery all year long.

These 'suitcases' are not real; they are imitations and they are smaller than they look. They will not take you around the world in style but they WILL store your Halloween odds and ends away very nicely.

Be aware of the sizing. The smallest of these storage boxes measures 3-inches high, 8-inches wide and 6-inches deep, which is a bit bigger than a small cracker box and the largest box measures 3.5-inches high, 12-inches wide and eight-inches deep, which isn't much bigger than a large cereal box.

Despite the size limitation, I still think this set is sweet and, with an appropriate use in mind, perfect for Halloween. This three-piece green Cargo Cool Euro case set is also earth-friendly. That is, these boxes are made with recycled materials and, unlike the plastic storage bins that are so readily available, these are perfectly recyclable. It is also available in suitably Halloween colored purple and yellow.


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Store Halloween away in your cargo case set by purchasing it here from Amazon.

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