September 14, 2010

A Simple and Easy Ponyo Costume

Meet Ponyo. If you do not know who she is, you should know that she is the goldfish that a five-year old boy named Sosuke rescued from the ocean in the Japanese anime movie, Ponyo.
Making a Ponyo costume for your daughter is super easy.  All you need is a red dress and a white petticoat or bloomers, which can be as simple or as fancy as you wish.  It probably helps if your daughter has short hair, although I think tousled hair would be great, too.

I found this super adorable little Ponyo on her mother's blog, Overly Academic.  She is the living version of Ponyo.

And this sweet little one's Ponyo costume, from the blog, Alex Heaton:

Have a son? Dressing him like Sosuke would be easy albeit a bit ordinary! All you need is a yellow shirt, brown shorts and green buckets all around!


Quick Links:

Read my review of the children's movie, Ponyo.


  1. Love that photo of the little Ponyo jumping in her Ponyo costume!

  2. I know, both of these little girls are sweet and just imagine how thrilled they must have been to actually BE Ponyo!


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