July 27, 2010

Black Cat T-Shirts

I think black cats get a bum rap.  I personally don't believe that there's anything unlucky about any cat unless you happen to get it angry at you and at that point it really doesn't matter what color it is because they all scratch the same way.

Did you know that some cultures actually revere the black cat?  You can learn all about it at Black Cats Crossing.

Instead of calling black cats bad luck, I prefer to call them Happy Halloween cats.   The love of my life happens to be a Happy Halloween cat named Timmie and he's crossed my path many a time with no ill after effects.

Anyway, while shopping around today I found a few really cute black cat t-shirts that I wanted to share with you because  I can't decide which one I want to buy.   Please share your opinion in the comments section and if you like, grab a black cat t-shirt for yourself too.

Although they are perfect garb for Halloween I see no reason to save them for October.  I think you can wear these cute t-shirts all year long and once I decide, that's exactly what I plan to do!

Until next time,

Black Pussy Cat shirt
Black Pussy Cat by LaesieWorks

Black Cat Silhouette T-Shirt shirt
Black Cat Silhouette T-Shirt by annaleeblysse

black cat shirt
black cat by Ceyzpurplestang


  1. If you love black cats, I believe you should celebrate them all year! I like the pink one, she's a pretty kitty!

  2. All the black cats are cute but I think I like the one at the bottom best.

  3. You're certainly right about all cats scratching the same way! I love cats of any color. Ask my gray tabby, Dandy, or my Oreo who, as you might guess, is mostly black with white down her middle. No bad luck there for sure!

  4. Thanks for voting ladies and Susan, Oreo is such a cute name for a black and white cat!


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